Word Origin & History
1817, as a term in philosophy; 1827 in the sense “force producing motion,” from Fr. dynamique  (1762), from Ger.  dynamisch, introduced by Leibnitz 1691 from Gk. dynamikos  “powerful,” fromdynamis  “power”, from dynasthai “be able to have power,” ofunknown origin. The figurative sense of “active, potent, energetic” iis from 1856. Related: Dynamically

All onsite service include travel time within 20 miles of 83714 and 1 hour labor

  • Time over 1 hour will be rounded to half hour increments of $37.50
  • Onsite Hourly Service for Home or Business PC $75/hr
  • Onsite Service for Servers $90/hr
  • Onsite Service for Mac $100/hr
  • Onsite Quick fix under 30 min. service $49
  • Emergency Business Onsite Service $125/hr

Flat Rate Services:

  • Standard In-House Complete Service including- Virus detection and removal , Motherboard and Hard Drive replacement ect.) $70
  • Standard In-House Service for Mac  $95
  • Data relocation to new PC or external hard dive $45
  • Home network Setup onsite includes free virus protection $199
  • Laptop screen replacement most models $145 parts and labor
  • Partition and Data recovery on most hard drives $125
  • Operating system Reload or upgrade without data relocation $65
  • Operating system reload with data relocation $95